Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management – one does not come without the other

In each company leadership and management follow company specific frameworks and are influenced by company-wide factors. I detected the three C and three S key elements as internal factors for the effectiveness of leadership. In my work I consider the cross-linking and effectiveness of these elements in the particular company. I differentiate between leadership and management but do not separate management from leadership as the one does not work without the other.

„Management masters complexity, Leadership masters changes“. „One manages things, one leads people“. In the management of and in organizations, it is about management of strategy, structure and systems. Management plans, implements and evaluates. In leadership decisive are culture, cooperation and competence. Leadership designs, empowers and changes. Those who lead people and manage things, need to be able to lead and manage themselves.

Whether it is individuals, teams or organizations, it is about efficiency of things and effectiveness of people, about methods and ways to achieve results and success. We provide support through consulting, coaching and training and guide you through implementation of goals and strategies.